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A look at hybrid cars

A look at hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are becoming more widely available and more popular these days and with good reason too. They’re a more eco-friendly car than petrol or diesel only vehicles and there’s great scope to save on fuel bills.  

A hybrid car refers to any vehicle that combines two or more sources of power. While there are quite a few options, most hybrid cars combine an electric motor with an internal combustion engine. Hybrid cars are capable of being driven on electronic propulsion alone for a material part of their normal driving cycle.

Hybrid cars and the environment:

  • Hybrid cars burn less fossil fuels than traditional cars and therefore emit less toxic byproducts and greenhouse gases than traditional petrol or diesel fueled vehicles.
  • Hybrid cars also generate less engine noise than petrol or diesel powered cars. When switched onto electric power mode hybrid vehicles are virtually silent.

Hybrid cars and fuel efficiency

Whilst hybrid cars are generally more expensive to buy than a petrol or diesel engine car, savings can be made in terms of fuel economy as they burn less fuel per mile driven. Just how much fuel you can save driving a hybrid car will depend on your driving patterns and overall driving style. For example if you do a lot of city driving you are likely to save more on fuel consumption compared with a normal petrol or diesel fuelled vehicle.      

Getting the most out of your hybrid car:

Drive slowly - the faster your driving the more aerodynamic drag your car will experience. Keeping your driving speed down can really increase your vehicle’s mileage.

Drive smoothly - if you stop the car sharply, the electric motor's energy will be decreased more than if you gradually slow the car down before stopping.

Drive at a constant speed - you use energy when driving every time your car speeds up - and that energy is wasted when you slow the car down. You can maximize your fuel usage when driving through maintaining a constant driving speed.

For additional fuel efficient driving tips click here.

Hybrid Cars and Motor Tax

Normal petrol or diesel vehicles are subjected to vehicle registration tax in accordance with their CO2 emissions. Hybrid electric vehicles and flexible fuel vehicles registered during the period 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2012 may qualify for a remission/repayment of vehicle registration tax up to a maximum of €1,500. The vehicles must be series-production (i.e. originally manufactured) vehicles. The repayment/remission is on a sliding scale depending on the age of the vehicle. To view these click here.

Car Insurance Advantages

Many car insurance companies will provide a 10% discount for hybrid vehicle owners.  Primarily because those who drive hybrids are seen to be responsible drivers less likely to be involved in a car accident and therefore will be less likely to submit a motor insurance claim. As a result they will often receive a more competitive motor insurance quote.

As a car insurance broker, AA Car Insurance can identify those car insurance providers within our panel who offer discounted car insurance premiums to hybrid vehicle owners on your behalf.  To receive a competitive car insurance quote for your vehicle, motorists can click here or give us a call on 0818 227 228.

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